Photos & Video

Amy & I on March 9th.  The day before surgery.

Amy & I the morning before surgery.

Amy looking great the night before surgery.


Heidi & I at Hope valley 2019

Amy Heading home from UCSF

Amy & I on March 13th.  Three days after surgery.

ABC-7 News Runs Feature

Story on Mike.  View it Here:

Jill, One of my potential donors & I

Channel 34 Interview with Amy

at UCSF March 11th, 2022

Christina Gray  She made this happen!  Please note that all future proceeds to the gofundme that she is referring to will go to donor outreach.

Amy, Mike & Christina chatted about the experience so far.  Its 30 minutes, but worth the watch.

Amy & I on April 10th.  Four weeks after surgery.

Amy, Mike Shirt.JPG

Amy & I, May 21st 2022

Amy Mike & Lily.JPG

Amy, her Daughter & I, May 21st 2022